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Connecting the dots

Connecting With Dot

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Top | 0 comments

I think…

To connect with dots in life, we should keep moving and feel the drops, fall, and rise to experience the connection of dots to life.

Connecting with something next to us can’t be a solution always.

We may connect things from the ending or the beginning, or let’s say, from the middle of something.

It’s all about getting started.

Connecting dots with a dot while drawing or combining lines between an apparently accidental form of numbers or dots creates a picture or design.
Connecting dots in life or combining the dots theory in life is from decades, the best and inspirational words from Steve Jobs has always motivated me to think more about connecting the dots in life.

I have seen many stories from the people sharing about life experiences, drops, fall,  rise and connections about dots in life.

We connect every day with new thoughts, idea’s, pictures from our surroundings while thinking about things, while reading or writing.

We are always connected with something, and sometimes we look for another click in life.
I think It’s all about a click and the sessions we have made in life.




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