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How to activate? Google dark theme, on mac or windows.

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Top | 0 comments

How to enable the dark version of the Google search on Mac? Now users can enable the dark theme for Google search.

It’s pretty simple to activate the dark mode on mac desktop for Google search. Users can click on the settings button at the bottom of the screen at the very right-hand side corner. That gives an option to choose the dark and light versions of the app. From there, a user can select the mode of view. It works as same as on Chrome and Safari browsers.

The video below is for Mac users.

How to activate dark theme mode on windows?

On Windows, the user has to click on the three dots option, which will appear in the right-hand side corner. This click will take to the settings. While clicking on settings, the user needs to click on the Appearance tab from the left-hand side menu, where a theme option will be visible, from their user can select the theme as per them.


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