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Connecting the dots

You may fail but not your destination.

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Quotes | 0 comments


You may fail but not your destination.

Is failure is an option to be inside of the game?

If we pass on the message from one person to another, it becomes a chain of messages.
We have been following many things for years and years from human insights.
Once Gautam Buddha said, don’t call me God once I die.
Some call them God, or some call them a messenger of God.

Life, Karma, Pain, Gain, Loss, Win,  Fall, Rise, Lost are the chakra of life. If you have a desire, then don’t let it go. You may fail but not your destination, If things are being operated by operations. No one is living here forever.
This world has much to experience in life. You may have a better version of it to explain in the English language. Language could be a barrier when we are not that perfect for explaining words. In my opinion, the destination is death. Like the great Steve Jobs said, You have to trust.

Dot’s could be a birth or could a death. You have to trust that dots will somehow connect with you in future.




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