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When I came know the terms and policy should updated own

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Top | 0 comments

It’s not about making a connection to that connecting point, it’s about connecting to something which is something as per something, and that something has a different meaning for it, which is an unknown something that is something related to something.
Especially when it’s not specified
You must be thinking what?
On the 10th of October- 2021
I am updating you about something on my mind when I meet with (dot) again.

I still don’t know how to write complete terms and conditions and privacy policies. When we don’t know, we try to find a solution, whether online or offline.

What when you don’t have any solution to the problem in your known as well?  Then you must be searching for it online. Still, sometimes we can’t find it over the internet.

However, some solutions could be seen anywhere; sometimes, they need funds or a relevant connection.

A Few updates

-A page owner always has an option to weather keep their account in private or in public mode.

-It’s not about making money. We could make it a free ad zone area for all. Where never an ad can be run, we could rely on donations. Many organization does that. But it needs a lot of funds to stand a company to that level when you could manage the expenses of real-world experience, and it’s not easy the thing I am committing here. It could ruin my life or destroy the project as well.

Does it matter? What? Yes, it matters when the information is not updated, which is not a part of the subject. It is written on the terms/privacy page – about, When can sell the company and rights to someone at that time. We could transfer the data of users with the third-party with whom we are merging, and we will be updating you if any privacy policy or terms will change in future before we proceed, something like that.

Let me tell you that I never bought this domain for making money or to sell it.

I would be more than happy if it could happen once after 1000 years, anyways we both will be not here at that time, but we can expect something about it, a few figures that can be any.

As long as this world exists, this domain will be not running or hiding anywhere. Humans can die. A few things remain here.

Every day we connect deeper in life and learn from past experiences; I think humans are always better when focusing on being a better version of themselves.

Copied from SeachOn- “Every answer leads to a new question.”

See, Grammarly said You made that easy. How excellent this tool is. It took 08 hours me with all those suggestions and edits to make it somewhere readable. Well, I have to thank Grammarly, which always gives me hope to submit it.

Join us if you are into writing and have a solution to update all the pages inside with a piece of complete information.
And we know it wouldn’t be done without you.

It’s a free zone for everyone.

It’s about connecting one idea to another


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